About us

We love to think that you have “friends appearing from all over the place” because of your Donettes®. We are sure you had some great afternoons swapping your Bollycao® picture cards. We do apologise, though, if your “forgot your schoolbag” because of your Donuts®.

Very close to you

Did you know that, in Spain, 8 Donuts® are consumed per second? We have been present in millions of homes, bars and cafeterias, making breakfasts and afternoon snacks more enjoyable and delicious for a lot of people.

Bakery Donuts Iberia S.A.U, hereinafter Donuts Iberia is the leading company on the Spanish bun and pastry market and our brands have therefore become the best way to start the morning on the right foot and perfect for your children to enjoy a delicious and fun afternoon snack with no arguments. Our brands are like that and are now something that is part of your everyday life. It is a real pleasure for us to give you a helping hand.

A matter of commitment

Innovating every day. Standing out. Always providing maximum quality. None of these would be possible were it not for a team of people who have enough capacity to meet the challenges set. The DNA of our company is as follows:

1. The resourcefulness necessary to act proactively, acting on one’s own initiative and detecting opportunities in advance to improve results

2. Leadership and the capacity to encourage and guide the team towards a common and shared outlook.

3. Effort and strength to meet the established targets and, if possible, to improve on forecast results.

4. The talent to stand out.

5. More than anything else, teamwork to steer group effort towards a common goal.